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National Population Register & Residency Certification Project Goes to Kochhar & Co.

Kochhar & Co. has been awarded a prestigious project by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India for drafting laws for creation of a National Population Register (NPR) and issuance of Residency Identity Cards to all Indian residents - citizens as well as non-citizens. The Ministry of Home Affairs floated the tender in September 2010 and letter of award was issued to Kochhar & Co. in April, 2011.

The NPR will be a comprehensive identity database of all residents of India, to be maintained by the Registrar General and Census Commissioner, Government of India. Such a Register will contain relevant details such as name, fatherís name, motherís name, spouseís name (if applicable), date of birth, gender, nationality, present address, permanent address etc. of each resident of India.

The prime objective of the creation of the NPR for India is, inter alia, to help in better targeting of the benefits and services under various Government social security/benefit schemes, improved planning and security and prevention of identity fraud. For this, each person in the NPR will be issued an Indian Residency Identity Card, which will be used for the intended purposes in more or less the same fashion as Social Security Cards in the US.

The initiative on NPR and Residency Identity Card is being taken up for the first time in India. As a part of such an initiative, the Government of India has already started collecting specific information of usual residents in India during the House-listing and Housing Census Phase of Census during April, 2010 and September, 2010.

Kochhar & Co. will be preparing various reports on relevant aspects of the project and drafting laws relating to citizenship, residency and data protection/security in India. For putting in place the best possible legal framework in India, comparable laws in benchmarked jurisdictions will be studied and duly considered.

Apart from drafting and bringing in new laws, Kochhar & Co. will also be suggesting changes and drafting amendments to relevant laws like the Indian Citizenship Act, 1955, Indian Citizenship Rules, 2003, the Foreigners Act, 1946 etc.

Kochhar & Co. takes pride in associating itself with such a landmark project for the Government of India. The project has been awarded to Kochhar & Co. through an open bidding process and after appreciating Kochhar & Co.ís expertise of drafting laws for the Government of India and itís substantial experience with issues on citizenship, residency, data privacy/security (litigation as well as non-litigation) in India.







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